We welcome your feedback about the Community Services Outcomes Tree and this website. Providing your feedback is optional. In particular, we are interested in:

    1. Does the Outcomes Tree capture the outcomes your service users value and the ones your service aims to achieve?
    2. Do you have suggestions for improvement of the Outcomes Tree or the website?
    3. What do you need more information on or what do you want to know more about?
    4. What has your experience been of using any of the resources on the website?

Your feedback will contribute to the testing of the Community Services Outcomes Tree and to further research about how to support the measurement of outcomes in the sector. Researchers at the Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne University of Technology, will be analysing feedback and adjusting the Outcomes Tree and our resources periodically. Your comments will remain private and confidential. Only aggregated information will be published as part of any research output or information about this site. You can read more about this in the Information Statement. Should you have any queries, please contact:

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